• Props: store (the Graffy store).

Adds a Graffy store to a React subtree. The useQuery hook in that subtree will use this store.

useQuery(query, [options])

  • Arguments: query, options
  • Returns: {result, loading, error}

The once option is used to choose between .watch() (if false) and .read() (if true). Other options are passed to or graffy.write() unchanged. Additionally, if true, an additional parameter refetch (which is a function) is returned which can be used to trigger the query again.

loading is a boolean, and error an error object.


  • Returns: store (the Graffy store)

Retrieve the store passed by the nearest GraffyProvider.


  • Props: query, options, render prop child

The render prop equivalent of useQuery. The child function is called with an object with three properties, result, loading and error. They have the same meanings as in useQuery.