graffyClient(url, [options])

  • Arguments: url, options
  • Returns: Graffy module that works with use()

A client for the Graffy server. It delegates all reads, watches and writes to the server. It uses the EventStream API for server push.

The watch option is a string which accepts either none or hang values (default undefined). By passing none, watch functionality is disabled. By passing hang, all watch queries behave as read queries.

The connInfoPath (default /connection) is a special path in graffy which can be used to modify the url passed on the fly!

Only options returned by getOptions function are passed to server-side providers.

getOptions(operation, clientOptions)

  • Arguments: operation, client-side options object
  • Returns: server-side options object


import Graffy from 'graffy';
import graffyClient from `graffy/client`;

const store = new Graffy();
const getOptions = (operation, clientOptions) => ({
  sessionId: '12345',
  customOption: clientOptions.customOption
store.use(graffyClient('/api', {